Selling Guide

Is it time to cash in on your investment? Many property investors do not intend to hold onto their investment properties forever. Indeed, a large proportion of investors buy property with the specific intention of selling it on at a higher price, while others simply see it as a temporary means of generating extra income or providing accommodation for family during higher education to subsequently benefit from capital growth.

According to our partner firm Tafaders, given the extremely high importance placed on higher education from overseas nationals, there has been a recent change in market trend with buying vs. renting. Parents sending their children abroad for higher education are expected to pay significant sums of rent in advance, in most cases six months’ worth. Over the duration of the course, in many cases rents paid would equate to what would be required in deposit funds to purchase a property. Furthermore, buying a property for higher education also meant benefiting from capital appreciation post study if not to hold for future investment.

Ultimately the most important factor to consider when selling your investment property is ROI (Return On Investment). For property investors, the intelligent analysis of the financials behind their investment property acquisitions are crucial to their success. Investors need to be focused on the ROI their potential property purchase will deliver. The ROI will be greatly impacted by two main factors; time and market conditions. Time will allow a new build property to mature in price which is relative to the local market but also increase as newer properties come to market pushing existing property prices higher. Market conditions underpin how any property investment performs when considering to sell. Many economic and political factors will affect the performance of any property market. However, some markets are far tougher than others and the UK property market is viewed as mature, stable and secure with London seen to offer one of the highest returns on investment in comparison to other major international cities.

The UK’s property market has demonstrated the most stable growth of any developed country over the last ten years, and its rental yield outstrips New York, Sydney, Paris, Milan, Toronto, Beijing and Shanghai. The UK is a stable democracy, which has protected property rights for hundreds of years.

HT Heritage are always on hand to advise as and when you are considering selling offering an unparalleled level of expertise, our experienced team provides an end-to-end service tailored to investors exact requirements. We operate in a highly competitive market, and our advice and service standards are of the highest quality to satisfy our client’s expectations, many of who are repeat clients. Our property sales teams have a thorough knowledge of local areas, and the directors are involved at the forefront of the business.

We like to be judged on our sales record, which has been achieved by offering a bespoke service, tailored to achieve the highest possible property price for our clients. Our service includes a floor plan drawn for each instruction, the preparation of property brochures and effective marketing fully integrated with our website and online marketing services. Once a sale has been agreed our experience enables us to overcome potential problems and steer the sale through to completion, keeping in regular contact with all parties.

If, you are considering selling please contact our London office on +44 (0)20 7067 1285 or email info@htheritage.com