HTH 360

Our unique and bespoke HTH 360 service forms the core of our business and supports you throughout your investment journey, right from finding the right property through to releasing your returns when the time is right. Buying off plan is a great opportunity to obtain the perfect property with some developers allowing you to tailor a new build property to your specific needs. You can also expect a stress-free move in; buying off plan avoids the frustration of a long property chain and sometimes costly failed transactions. But in many cases investors are often left perplex throughout many stages of their property investment life cycle.

Over many years in dealing with overseas investment property we experienced a constant gap in the market with particular respect to issues surrounding asset management and disposal. Investors were often left unassisted after their new purchase or acquisition with a feeling of regret not knowing what to do next. We fully appreciate the daunting feeling of owning a new property on foreign land but appointing an asset manager is time critical. Similarly investors often sat back on investments enjoying an additional income without taking advantage of market highs to fully reap the benefits of capital appreciation.

HTH 360 was initiated as a result and we are extremely confident to have covered the key fundamentals of London property investment even for the first-time investor. We offer a complete solution on the ground for overseas Landlords and Investors from acquisition, financing, asset management through to disposal, maximising return on investment (ROI).

What HTH 360 covers:


Every HTH opportunity comes backed by the assurance of a carefully researched investment case, one that is strong enough to convince our Investment team that we should make our own financial commitment to bring to market and to our clients. We carry out a comprehensive analysis and due diligence involving researching the local market, the developer and the financials.


Our property investment experts will have a deep understanding of every one of our schemes offered and an up-to-date appreciation of the situation in all of the markets in which we operate. We focus on building close, long-term relationships and will work with you to develop your personal wealth strategy and offer advice that is perfectly tailored to suit your specific property investment needs. We also understand these needs change along the way and we are ready to advise accordingly to adopt a new strategy to best safeguard your financial interests.


Financial leveraging greatly increases the potential returns achievable from your desired investment. Given our commitment to helping investors make the very most of their capital, a vital part of our HTH 360 service is our capacity to connect investors with mortgage financing on the best terms available for your situation, wherever you are and wherever you are investing. Financial planning is a key element to maximise ROI (Return On Investment), please see our Partners and Mortgage pages for further details.


Once you are satisfied and have decided to make an investment, our teams will work closely with you to keep things running as smoothly as possible right from reservation to completion and subsequently from letting through to reselling. We will be your connection to the developer behind your investment, keeping you up to date with the development’s construction and the local market updates. We will help you through the payment process and monitor development milestones all the way through to the project’s completion.


One of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of owning an international property portfolio is the ongoing management of your investments beyond your initial purchase. Appropriate pricing, reliable tenanting, quality maintenance, meeting your tax and legal obligations; all of this can be truly complicated for an investor on the other side of the world. That’s why the depth of our commitment to ensuring you achieve the best returns possible extends to taking care all of the above and more on your behalf.


Deciding on the best time to cash in on your investment can take a lot of work for the individual investor, who would need to be constantly up to date with the local market and their property’s place within it. Our preferred partner, Tafaders, can advise you on the best time to put your property onto the market and realise your investment potential, whichever market you’re in, we have a wide variety of sales channels to support you. Please visit our ‘Selling Guide’ for further information.

If you are looking to start a portfolio, increase your existing one or would like advice on your current portfolio we would be delighted to have a no obligation consultation to explain how we can help.